How to choose the drum sticks for your electronic drum kit

How to choose the drum sticks for your electronic drum kit?

Drum sticks are an unremarkable accessory in electronic drums, but they are indispensable. The weight and length of the drum stick will affect the volume and feel; in addition, the taper of the drum stick will also affect the touch and performance. Therefore, choosing a drum stick that suits you will make your performance more handy.

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There are 6 types of drum sticks for the drum kit

1. Model 5ADiameter14MMLength406MM

2. Model 5BDiameter15MMLength406MM

3. Model 5CDiameter16MMLength406MM

4. Model 2BDiameter16MMLength406MM

5. Model 7ADiameter13MMLength390MM

6. Model 3ADiameter15.5MMLength394MM


The weight of the drum stick affects the volume and feel of the drum stick. Generally speaking, the thick and heavy drum sticks, the volume is greater, and durable; The thin and lighter drum sticks are more lively and easier to play.

The length of the drum stick affects leverage. The leverage provided by the longer drum stick is more obvious, and the range that can be triggered is even larger.

The taper of the drum stick affects its touch and performance. The taper of the drum stick is longer, the sound is weak, the response is faster, while the taper is shorter, the sound is strong, and more powerful.

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Drum stick shape effect on sound quality

A: Round type --- The sound generated by the big round head drum stick will be stronger, and the sound generated by the small round head drum stick will be louder (there are many high ingredients); Because the round stick always has the same contact surface, changing its contact point does not have much effect on the sound, and the sound quality is strong.

B: Elliptic type --- It can produce a wide sound, because the oval drum stick's head shape is larger than the area of the round head drum stick, so the knocking out sound will be dark than the round head drum stick. The total tone is gentle and uniform, and it is most suitable for use in the recording studio.

C: Triangular type --- Triangular drum stick knocks on the cymbal, the sound is a bit dull and full (there are many bass composition).

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