Drum Set Playing Tips for the Beginner

Drum Set Playing Tips for the Beginner

The first problem --- noise

electronic drum set

What is the key to improve your instrument performance? As you know, it is “repetition” and "muscle memory". so playing the musical instrument every day is important and necessary. But for the acoustic drum set, it will make so much noise when playing, it is unrealistic to playing at home. Even live alone, many drummers have to install soundproofing or build a soundproofing room. It is very important and necessary to control the noise and do not disturb your neighbor.

The percussion volume is determined by the pad

electronic drum

There is a fact that “it will sound” when playing, it is same as the other drum set even you use the electronic drum set. So it is important to choose an electronic drum that can adjust the volume. The pad is the key to control the sound when the stick hitting the pad. Different material and performance, will make different sound effects. The material of the pad of the electronic drum has mesh surface, silicone surface and other types. Different drummer like different, but if you want to a more quiet playing surroundings, the mesh surface is the best choosing.

drum set

So if you when to playing the drum set free at home, choose the electronic drum set.

It is easy to avoid the dispute between the neighbor and enjoy the quietness if you choose the electronic drum set. But please do not forget to choose a suitable size. The electronic drum set is more suitable to the small room, no matter play it in the living room or bedroom and do not worry about its big size occupy too many space.

electronic drum set

In summary, we recommend our electronic drum set --- MOINNG YWT-53, this electronic drum use all mesh surface, its feel is very well. And it only needs a small space (about 120*100mm) that you can playing it whatever you want. What’s more, its module is French Dream that with many functions. Such as, it has 15 different type drum set, you can enjoy them.

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