Classification of electronic drum

Classification of electronic drums

1、Traditional rubber electronic plate

Whether its drums or cymbals, it is the same material, but the appearance may be different. The panel materials are rubber.

electronic drum

2、External sensor type

Normal traditional jazz drums, installation of sensors ---TRIGGER on the edge of the drum. This kind of TRIGGER is a small individual, not a hit panel, which is similar to the excitement of the radio microphone. This method can not only retain the original sound of the drum, but also the part received by Trigger can apply other sounds to cause dual pronunciation. The representative brand is: DDRUM


3Multi -functional integration

The same multifunctional models are the same as the bedside audio. The built -in strike zone and audio source machine. The entire model is usually only the size of a pillow. It is a simple model that is performed by plug -in in the completion of the sound settings.


First, free connection.

Second, single -machine is easy to carry.

Third,plug in the speaker directly to pronounce.

Forth, it is equipped with traditional jazz drums without space and so on.

Disadvantage: The subtle induction of Trigger is relatively rough, and the light sound and stress segmentation are not meticulous enough.

jazz drums

4Drum skin simulation and multi -sensor type

Drumskin simulation (also known as mesh drum head) is currently a high -tech new main battlefield. The mesh drum head combines the dual texture of drum skin and Trigger.

The volume when percussing mesh drum head is not only lower than the traditional rubber drum skin, but the drummer can adjust its tension with his preference. It is installed with multiple trigger inside a panel, so it can also be used as the effect of drum frames.

electronic drum

The weight of the electronic drum set is light, small and easy to disassemble, easy to carry, and rapid assembly debugging. You can also design and develop new trigger units according to the requirements of the drummer. Or convert acoustic drums into electric drums.

There are some top grade electronic drums in the international market that allows drivers to change drum skin. Whether it is rubber, mesh, or truly drum skin, as long as the size of the drum skin is the same, the drummer can settle on the electronic drum and enjoy dual induction (drum skin and drum frame).

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