• MOINNG New Product Simulation Drum Kit Electronic Drums Set

MOINNG New Product Simulation Drum Kit Electronic Drums Set


Product origin :FUJIAN

Delivery time :30 DAY

This professional drum set has great instructional features. Use the coaching feature to make your practice more fun and help you improve your drumming skills faster. Faithful to the acoustic drum samples of real drums, highly reproduces the sound of each drum set. Provides drummers with a more realistic, responsive, and immersive playing experience, perfect for players of all levels. MOINNG electric drum set can help you practice to become a great drummer.


2024 new product electronic drum kit, silver color appearance simple beautiful, similar to acoustic drums.

Electronic Drums SetDrum Set Exhibition Exhibition Real Effect DiagramDrums

Product Details

Drum Kit

18 inch independent Kick drum

The larger kick drum provides a very stable structure that doesn't wobble when striking and provides a good experience with a smooth foot feel when pedaling strikes.

Electronic Drums Set

Independent snare drums 14-inch double trigger

DrumsDrum KitElectronic Drums Set

Tom1: 10 -inch dual trigger 

Tom2: 12 -inch dual trigger 

Tom3: 14 -inch dual trigger

Product Sound Module Showcase

DrumsDrum Kit

● Color TFT screen

● French DREAM sound source

● Full mesh drum surface for a more acoustic feel.

● Dual-trigger support with side hit response and cymbal stop.

● 25 drum kits, 25 custom drum kits,50 songs

● Number of tones 475 and GM128 standard tone library 

● Supports sensitivity parameter adjustment of each drum tray.

● Speed control: 30~250 beats/min.

● Metronome: 1 to 6 types

● 6 independent mixing consoles

● Other functions: Teaching, restore, real-time recording, parameter storage

● Connectors: USB MIDI, headphones, audio input, audio output,adding crash2 cymbal socket.


This electronic drum set is suitable for all people, such as adults amateur/professinal player. Compared with traditional drum kits, it saves more space and is more convenient to carry. It will be a nice birthday, holiday, Christmas gift for drum lovers.

MOINNG Musical in Music Guangzhou 2023
MOINNG Musical in Music Guangzhou 2023
MOINNG Electronic Drum Set in NAMM Show 2023 in America
MOINNG Electronic Drum Set in NAMM Show 2023 in America
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