• Moinng Musical Instruments Mini Electronic Drum Sets
  • Moinng Musical Instruments Mini Electronic Drum Sets
  • Moinng Musical Instruments Mini Electronic Drum Sets
  • Moinng Musical Instruments Mini Electronic Drum Sets
  • Moinng Musical Instruments Mini Electronic Drum Sets
  • Moinng Musical Instruments Mini Electronic Drum Sets
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Moinng Musical Instruments Mini Electronic Drum Sets

Brand :Moinng

Product origin :Quanzhou City, China

Delivery time :30 days

Supply capacity :5000 sets per month

Electronic drum sets with multi-segment bats which are better than real drums
1. Don't lose the sound of the electronic drum sets: It will not lose the sound due to too fast speed when hitting the drum set continuously and fast, that making the performance more professional and the track more vivid;
2. Don’t delay the sound of the electronic drum sets: Hitting the drum or cymbal, the sound is triggered immediately and let the sound come out immediately that will solve the percussion delay problem of the electronic drum sets;
3. High sensitivity: Even hitting the trigger with very light force, the electronic drum sets still can produce sound that making more detail to the performance.

Moinng Musical Instruments Mini Electronic Drum Sets

Mini Electronic Drum Sets

Mini Drum Sets

Electronic Drum Sets Detail Show

Electronic Drum Module

Drum Sets

1. The electronic drem sets modules with real sound source and 15 dynamic drum kits, that can offer variety of musical styles to the drummer;

2. Metronome and recording functions of the electronic drum sets module will help drummers develop the sense of rhythm and improve playing skills;

3. The electronic drums sets module has humanized mute design, drummer can practice drum under mute with headphones and don't worry about disturbing family and neighbors, free time.

Electronic Drum Sets Drums

Mini Electronic Drum Sets

The snare drum of the electronic drum sets is mesh configuration, strong adjustability, equipped with more triggers, really blowing feedback;

Toms drums of Electric Drum sets also use the mesh surface, it is more realistic percussion and close to real drums.

Electronic Drum Sets Cymbals

Mini Drum Sets

Electronic Drum Sets Pedals

Drum Sets

The Electronic drum sets with hammerless pedal design to avoid disturbing others, ideal for home practice. And the high-quality striking feeling brings a better striking experience, and the appearance of the aluminum alloy pedal is upgraded to be more atmospheric.

Electronic Drum Sets Accessories

1.10-inch singletrigger Hi-hat  

2. 10-inch double trigger Ride

3. 10-inch single double Crash

4. 6.5-inch mesh single trigger Tom

5. 6.5-inch mesh double  trigger Snare

6. Independent Hi-Hat  Control pedal

7. Kick Pedal

Electronic Drum Sets Parametre

1. 6 layers of force are adopted to make it closer to the original drum playing.

2. Snare, Tom 1-3, Crash 1-2, Ride, Hi-hat Control Pedal

3. 15 sets of drum group, 1 sets of custom drum group and 225 timbres

4. 30 songs, om/off accompaniment volume and drum volume 

5. Speed control: 30-250 beats/minute.

6. Metronome: 1-4 type, 1-9 kinds.

7. Other functions: store and restore factory settings.

8. Digital display

9. Interpoles: USB MIDI, headphones, audio input, audio output

Electronic Drum Sets Produce Show

Established in 2018, Quanzhou Moyin Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. has more than 4  years' experience in the research, manufacture, and sales of  electronic drum. With the development we' ve achieved, we have got more recognition from both domestic and foreign customers.At present we have a factory of over 10.000 square meters and a staff of more than 100 people. We are mainly focusing on”MOINNG” electronic drum,  and other related accessories.ODM and OEM are also welcome. Now our products sell to more than 2000 cities at home and abroad. 

Certification,Packaging and Delivery

Mini Drum Sets

FAQ About the Electronic Drum Sets

1) Why choose MOINNG Music?

*We have experience history in musical instruments industry especial in electronic drum sets from 2018.

*We provide personalized service to you.

*We can give you a guarantee on high quality, in-time delivery and payment and excellent after-sales service.

*We have a team of 5 departments with professional knowledge and international business skill.


2) Do you have the minimum order requirements?

Yes, we do. But 1 or 2 pcs for sample is accaptable, the minimum order requirements should depend on different models.


3) How about the lead time (production period)?

Usually it takes 7-35days after having your confirmed order and down payment, it always depended on order QTY. For the sample order, it could be ready just within 3-14 days.

Please feel free to give your inquiry in the form below. We will reply you in 24 hours.
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